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Shenyang: winter snow removal will now "new artifact"

Date: 2014-11-14

If winter comes, the shen city common or will soon usher in the first snow this winter. This year, the municipal urban construction department specialized snow removal with a total area of 38 million square meters, including 445 main street road, 86 Bridges, 1.41 million square meters of new than last year. This winter will be the first attempt to purely mechanical green snow removal, 29 street road not snowmelt agent. At present, the city authorities specialization snow removal for snow removal equipment more than 3000 sets. Multi-function deicing unit, high-speed blowing snow machines, etc., all equipment have been completed assembly debugging, only to be the first snow falling...
New artifact: multi-function snowmelt agent spraying car
And how much snow melting agent, the computer to control
The shen city common winter snow removal, will further reduce the snowmelt agent usage. First proposed article 29 key street road deicing and snow melting agent, not the rest of the can use street road, will strictly control the usage. Clearing a path of snow, how much Caesar snowmelt agent, how to control the dosage? This year to buy multi-purpose snowmelt agent spraying car will solve this problem.
This car has a removable "snow removal rolling brush" at the front and rear "snowmelt agent spreader. Snow removal in the process, the machine can be in the process of driving, will be installed in the place of snow melt agent in chute is large area uniform scatters in the snow on the pavement, a width can be up to 10 meters of road scatters operations. Its set by computer, the specified snow removal area actually need and how many snowmelt agent, snow removal to walk by the vehicle speed to control the amount of asa. Homework and while in addition to the uniform surface is big, the equivalent of a single scatters in the 30-40 times.
New artifact: multi-function ice snow sweeper
Not afraid after the first snow, specializing in the ice road
The characteristics of the early winter snowfall is often the first after the rain, snow caused pavement freezes after snow, the snow is very difficult. This year, the city's special configuration 2 car multifunctional an ice snow removal, a road ice "Nemesis".
The equipment appearance is similar to ordinary forklift, its uniqueness lies in hiding in the car after the row of "de-icing wheels, has a unique ice snow removal function. Rotor high-speed rotation, snow ice infinite, snow ice area is 100000 square meters per hour, the ice snow removal rate is above 95%, clean the same work is equivalent to a single deicing efficiency of more than 200 times.
So ice force, will hurt asphalt pavement? You can rest assured, this machine with a computer program control, according to the situation of snow and ice, accurate setting ice breaking strength and depth, doesn't hurt the original road.
The new artifact: the roller snow blower
A special "clear" cranny of snow
In previous years, the sanitation workers snow removal, the most headache those hidden under the road traffic guardrails of snow. When cleaning must be removed artificial barriers, both affect traffic, also increase the workload of the sanitation clean. This year the new purchase of the roller brush snow blower can solve this difficult problem.
This is a car with shovels and super large roller snow sweeper. Placed in front of the vehicle big roller with 2 meters long, its amazing snow removal. Roller rotation speed can reach 120 revolutions per minute, deal with, in the light snow, both save snowmelt agent, and can ensure no residual snow ground. Big brush roll up, the car through the snow and clear. A rolling brush snow blower workload, the equivalent of hundreds of sanitation workers workload. In addition, the big roller is a mixture of nylon and steel wire material made of artificial with a shovel snow removal work can greatly reduce the damage of pavement.
Its most unique, is set on both sides of the ram, at the bottom of the car starts to blow hair-dryer button, strong winds up to 150 meters per second, dedicated to the central road traffic barrier under the snow blowing to the middle road, convenient cleaning.
In addition, this year also bought more than a small cleaning the snow removal vehicle. The cabinet modelling, in the pavement and lanes snow removal is very convenient. Can lead small push skis, can realize push ice, snow, snow shovel, flexible, special operation efficiency is much higher than artificial, effectively solves the difficulty lanes of snow removal.